Jack Flaherty trade

Jack Flaherty trade

The St. The St. Louis Cardinals did it again, sending right-hander Jack Flaherty to the Baltimore Orioles in a trade deadline transaction.This transaction was disclosed on Tuesday evening, adding to the Cardinals’ stockpiling plan. The Cardinals had earlier dealt Blue Jays closer Jordan Hicks and shortstop Paul DeJong, as well as Rangers lefty starter Jordan Montgomery and righty reliever Chris Stratton.

Flaherty’s Background and Performance

Jack Flaherty, who is only 27 years old, has had past ailments and has struggled with his control this season.In 16 of his 20 starts, Flaherty has completed at least five innings. The Orioles are hoping Flaherty can regain his great form from the second half of the 2019 season, when he was possibly the best pitcher in baseball, allowing just 11 runs in 15 starts.

The Cardinals’ Selection and Upcoming Market Presence

In the 2014 draft, the St. Louis Cardinals picked Jack Flaherty with the 34th overall pick.In 2017, he made his big league debut just . Flaherty will be a highly sought-after starting pitcher in the 2018 winter free agency market due to his age and ability. A solid end to the season might pave the path for him to acquire a lucrative deal.

Finally, the deal of Jack Flaherty from the St. Louis Cardinals to the Baltimore Orioles is expected to result in adjustments and possibilities for both clubs. The acquisition of quality prospects to the Cardinals’ roster, as well as Flaherty’s possible revival with the Orioles, make this an important transaction in the baseball landscape. As the season unfolds and the free-agent market approaches, all eyes will be on Flaherty’s play and how this deal affects the fortunes of both clubs.


Cardinals’ Incoming Prospects

The Cardinals will acquire infielder Cesar Prieto, left-hander Drew Rom, and right-hander Zack Showalter in exchange for Jack Flaherty. These additions will surely strengthen the Cardinals’ future roster.

Orioles’ Trade Decisions and Prospects

Despite having highly acclaimed prospects, the Orioles chose to make a smaller deal rather than break ways with their most important assets. General Manager Elias noted that while there were players in great demand from other clubs, the Orioles thoroughly analyzed their choices before making a selection.


Cardinals’ Rotation After Flaherty

The Cardinals’ rotation will undergo some changes as a result of Flaherty’s departure. Dakota Hudson and Matthew Liberatore are expected to enter the lineup, filling the void left by Flaherty and Montgomery. Before Tuesday’s game, the team took a time to recognize and thank Flaherty for his accomplishments.

Flaherty’s Journey to the Orioles and a Tough Season for the Cardinals

After being traded to the Baltimore Orioles, Jack Flaherty will have at least a week off before his next start. If he hits the mound on Wednesday or Thursday, he will play three former Cardinals colleagues who were recently traded to the Toronto Blue Jays – Hicks, Cabrera, and DeJong.


As the season proceeds, the Cardinals will have around one-third of the season remaining. With a 47-60 record entering August, they are on track to have one of their poorest seasons in the last century.


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