Women’s World Cup Preview & Predictions: Morocco vs. Colombia; South Korea vs. Germany

Women's World Cup

world cup;Martina Voss-Tecklenburg’s squad lost to Colombia in the most recent round of games in overtime. Colombia now leads Group H and is close to securing a spot in the round of 16.

No team has yet been eliminated from the group, so there is still yet for both Morocco and South Korea to advance.

Colombia will move on to the knockout stage after earning all possible points from their first two games, barring a big goal differential.

After defeating Germany, Colombia is in a great position thanks to goals from 18-year-old Linda Caicedo and Manuela Vanegas in the extra seven minutes. In order to win the group, they simply need to draw with Morocco.

Despite having respiratory issues during the competition, Caicedo has been given the all-clear by coach Nelson Abadia.

Although five players received yellow cards in the encounter against Germany, Colombia’s main worry is avoiding receiving any more. Some players might be forced to miss the last-16 game if they receive more cautions on Thursday.

We must exercise extreme intelligence, added Abadia. “In order to handle this, we must exercise caution and wisdom. We shall thus carefully consider what we should do.

Morocco, on the other side, won their first game in the Women’s World Cup by defeating South Korea.

Although they are capable of achieving their goal of making it to the round of 16, their future hinges on Germany’s outcome versus South Korea. They must outperform Germany in order to take second place.

The return of defender Marina Hegering, who missed the 6-0 triumph over Morocco and the 2-1 defeat to Colombia due to an ankle injury, will benefit Germany.

Hegering’s comeback excited manager Voss-Tecklenburg, who viewed her as a crucial member of the squad.

South Korea hasn’t played well in any of its two games thus far, giving them little chance of winning the game. Voss-Tecklenburg admits the Korean team’s ability to cause Germany issues, though.

The Korean squad is led by Englishman Colin Bell, who formerly served as the head coach of three German women’s club teams.

For us, the opponent is exciting, said Voss-Tecklenburg. “It would be intriguing to observe how they approach this match because they play three entirely different systems. Excellent instructor Colin has the potential to surprise us.

The group’s winners will play Jamaica in the following round, while the losers will play France.

Prediction for Morocco vs. Colombia

Former England goalie Rachel Brown-Finnis believes Colombia will prevail. She reminds out that given the disparity in rankings between the two sides, Morocco’s victory against South Korea was unexpected.

Colombia is the frontrunner after their strong showing against Germany. Brown-Finnis believes Colombia will triumph 3-1.

The last player 18 years old or younger to score more goals in a single competition was Brazil’s Marta in 2003, who scored three goals. Linda Caicedo has scored two goals for Colombia at the Women’s World Cup.


Prediction for South Korea vs. Germany

The surprising loss to Colombia notwithstanding, Rachel Brown-Finnis thinks Germany will be too strong for South Korea.

Germany is predicted to easily defeat South Korea since they are finding it difficult to score and get points. Brown-Finnis believes Germany will win 2-0.

Heidi Mohr established the record for the most goals scored by a German player in a single group stage of the World Cup in 1991 with five. Alexandra Popp has already scored three goals for Germany in this World Cup.

In addition to featuring a shocking upset, the recent Women’s World Cup match between Colombia and Germany in Sydney also highlighted the fervent devotion of Colombian supporters in Australia.

The Colombian population in Sydney showed up in large numbers to support their national team despite their relatively small numbers, generating a heated mood throughout the stadium.

Angelo Marsiglia, Colombia’s assistant coach, highlighted the importance of the team’s supporters for making the game seem like a home game.

In their last group stage encounter, Colombia will take on Morocco, continuing their championship adventure. They will go to the knockout phase if they perform well, which was an accomplishment that had appeared unlikely.







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