Robby Hoffman

Robby Hoffman

Gabby Windey, the former Bachelorette, stunned the globe with her latest admission on The View, when she revealed her new relationship with comedian and TV writer Robby Hoffman.

Windey, who was previously engaged to Erich Schwer following season 19 of The Bachelorette, proudly revealed that she is now seeing a woman, highlighting the significance of her relationship with Hoffman and the love they have.

A Love That Defies Expectations

Robby Hoffman is a name known to those who have followed Comedians You Should Know since 2020.

Hoffman has created a reputation for herself in the comic world with her “queer curmudgeon” comedic style.

This time, though, she is making headlines not for her sense of humour, but for her friendship with Gabby Windey.

Throughout her During her interview on The View, Windey discussed their relationship, saying that she originally took things slowly with Hoffman, unsure of where it might lead.

But as their bond became deeper, she envisioned a future with Hoffman and knew it was the correct decision.

An Unlikely Pair Robby Hoffman

Given their disparate backgrounds, the revelation of Hoffman and Windey’s relationship astonished many.

Hoffman, who formerly voiced her societal grievances on the podcast StraightioLab, is now in a love relationship with a former Dancing With the Stars runner-up.

The difference is both perplexing and exciting, leaving us with several unanswered questions.

Robby Hoffman has he seen The Bachelorette Gabby Windey, has she watched Robby Hoffman host The Chris Gethard Show and engage with old coworkers.

These Fans are curious as to if Gabby Windey will now come on StraightioLab to discuss The Bachelorette.

A Red Hot Romance

Gabby Windey and Robby Hoffman passionately displayed their love after making their relationship public.

Windey’s previous engagement to Erich Schwer has ended, and she is still madly in love with Hoffman.

Windey expressed real fondness for Hoffman in her announcement on The View in August 2023, characterizing their friendship as “unique and special.”

She has never had love like this before, and it fulfills her fantasies of appearing on dating shows like The Bachelorette.

Living Authentically

Windey values authenticity and living her truth above anything else. She felt compelled to keep her new relationship with Hoffman quiet at first, knowing that it was a big tale that would provoke debate.

But as time passed, she understood that sharing her joy with the rest of the world was worthwhile.

Her candor on The View, and subsequently on Instagram, where she publicly identified Hoffman as her girlfriend, was a daring step toward accepting her actual self.


Many people were taken aback by Gabby Windey’s disclosure about her connection with comedian Robby Hoffman, but it also served as an uplifting example of accepting one’s truth.

Love has no bounds, and their love demonstrates that unexpected combinations may result in great partnerships.

As Windey and Hoffman’s journey together continues, and their love story will definitely inspire others to live truthfully and bravely seek love, regardless of society expectations.



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