It’s a controversial product. Photoblocker Spray is a controversial product. The basic idea is to spray it on your plate to produce an extremely high-powered gloss that reflects the flashes of traffic cameras. Although it may seem like an innovative product, can it perform? More importantly, is it legal?

In this PhotoBlocker Spray review, we give you all the information you need to know about it.

Why Buy Photoblocker Spray?

Legally, it is not possible to protect your registration plate, however, this is the most effective alternative to red lights cameras. The one-time application is long-lasting and a bottle will be used to cover as many as four plates.

It’s very simple to apply to the plate and is inaccessible by the eye. So, the police cannot determine whether that red light sensor is defective or you’re using the spray. If you’re worried about the cost of the camera, it’s only about $50.

If you think about this, it will save you at least a third of that amount in tickets. More tips on how to avoid speeding tickets: license plate cover camera blocker

Is it Legal?

The legality for this product is different according to the location and the city that you’re in. It’s possible to purchase in certain areas however it is not legal to use with cameras. Therefore, the most effective thing to do is double-check the local traffic laws. For more information on speeding tickets within New York, go to this website.

Does Photo Blocker Spray Work?

Photoblocker has passed numerous definitive tests conducted by police department officials themselves. Thousands of happy customers around the world have confirmed their effectiveness with the spray against speed cameras and red lights. The product has been advertised in CBS, Washington Times NBC, and various other networks.

So, is it effective? Based on our testing, the device performs very well against a traffic camera flash. However, even if you cover license plates using only a thin layer it will not be as efficient as a thick coating.

Product Details

To safeguard yourself from red-light cameras anti-camera license plate cover and blocking products are required. Although Photoblocker sells three different items (the reflector cover and the Photoshield cover and the Photoblocker spray) Spray is the best protection against speed cameras or red-light cameras.

To help you quickly compare for quick comparison, here are some specifics about each item discussed.


It is the Photoshield Cover is a clear license plate cover that snaps directly onto license plates. It is made of a thin piece of the reflective lens within the cover that is reflective of light coming from cameras that has flash or no flash. In this way, at least two characters will appear blurred on your car’s license plate.

Reflector Cover Reflector Cover is similar to the Photoblocker spray, however in a cover. Instead of blurring out some letters on the surface the reflective crystals incorporated into the cover reflect light from every angle of the camera as well as overexposing photo radar and photographs with red light. This can render your license plate unreadable when a flash camera is employed.

For the spray that you use to block out light on your plate, It’s an aerosol bottle that’s directly sprayed onto your plate. The high-gloss formulation has a clear, glossy finish, meaning it will not cause distortion. It is compatible with camera flash, though cameras in the daylight can have a chance of catching you.

If you want to have double protection The Photoblocker spray is a great choice when it is paired in conjunction with the Photoshield cover. The clear Spray of Photoblocker shields the car’s plate from flashes of red light from cameras and the cover assists when it is daylight and also protects the car plate from cameras that do not flash.

You don’t have to fret about the snow and rain because the spray is water-resistant is waterproof 1It’s waterproof[ 1. In addition, you receive an e-book with additional details with each purchase you make of the spray.

The Price

For US and Canada, The PhotoBlocker Spray comes at just $49.99 for one spray, or $99.99 for three sprays, and free shipping.

Europe for Europe, the cost is USD 73.95, plus free shipping.

If you are looking for Australia as well as New Zealand, the price is USD 73.95, which includes free shipping.

For other countries, it is just $37.99 and includes free shipping.


  • The reflective coating reflects flashes of the camera onto the plate. This means that you will receive no tickets
  • Fast-drying, fast-acting, and fast-drying
  • Invisible coating for finished plates
  • One-time sprays against traffic cameras
  • Insulates against any weather condition and won’t wash off on food items
  • The product can use to protect up to 3-4 license plates.

How to Use

  • Remove the license plate, and then give it a thorough clean-up, making sure there’s no dirt or dirt over the plate. Set the plate down on a clean, dry surface and let it sit to dry.
  • The license plate should be laid down on a tarp or newspaper to cover the surrounding area. Be sure to spray the plate with even strokes until you’ve fully coated the entire surface. Allow the first layer to dry before applying the next layer.
  • The license plate is screwed back onto the vehicle. Repeat the procedure as needed for plates on other vehicles you wish to secure.

Free Ebook

The free e-book included with your purchase will explain exactly your rights as a driver. It shows you how to carefully examine the photo and also how to contest the wrongfully issued ticket, as well.

The book also contains an abundance of instances in which an accused (driver) had a victory with the officer with spray. These facts are helpful for the event that you find yourself in the same situation.


In the end, we hope the information in this Photoblocker Spray Review helped decide whether or not you’ll buy the product. Of course, it is advisable to inquire with your local authorities before purchasing any of these items. Photoblocker has dealers in a few countries, which means you could even try the product yourself.

Whatever you choose to do, be aware that this product is an opportunity for you to take on unfair tickets.


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